Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I don't pretend to know everything. I know I don't know very much. But there are some things I know for certain. Like the fact that
God loves me.
That you never know when you may need someone, or they may need you. That family is a gift from God. That everyone deserves to be loved, and deserves a second chance. That NO ONE is perfect and casting judgement just shows how un perfect you are. That we all have talents.

I know I'm an epic sinner. totally messed up. I would be a fool to deny that. I've made mistakes that I would pay a lot of money to take back.
God gives me forgiveness, however. and sets my heart at ease. When I think about who my Father is, I feel like a masterpiece, and that's because I am! And He's the one that paid the price, I didn't even have to give a thing! Except my life to Him..
and that's a price I'm GLAD to pay.
I'm a strange girl. Different. But I, just like everyone else, have been Over-Judged. Misunderstood. Blamed. Hated. Teased. Unforgiven. SO MANY THINGS. Why? Because I'm a sinner? Well true, but so is everyone else! What's wrong with this world these days? that people wanna commit suicide on an every day bases. That's messed up.
Why can't we just Love. Forgive. Help. Understand. Trust. Build Up. ?
But we don't. Isn't that what we all want from others?
Yes, it is. So my gosh people let's act like Christians and do just that!
I've seen people drawn away from Christ because they watched "Christians" mistreat the ones they love. People that I love. What's wrong with this? isn't it OUR job as Christians to draw nonbelievers to Christ? Not hurt their friends and therefore shove them in the opposite direction.
I have friends that have been through a boatload more than they deserve at very young ages and yet people still judge them, hate them, and in a way persecute them. For what? Their pleasure? joy? I'm sure it doesn't bring that. So what's the deal? God loves us all. Sinners and non-sinners. (which there are none of) So we're all the same messed up human beings, causing tears from our brothers and sisters and the ones we are supposed to be leading into the family. Good going, World. I'm sure God's proud.

Monday, November 14, 2011

God says I am. God says YOU are..

God says I am a SINNER...
God say I am BEAUTIFUL.
God says I am WORTH DYING FOR.
God says I am SPECIAL.
God says I am UNIQUE.
God says I am HIS CHILD.
God says I am REDEEMED.

God say YOU are BEAUTIFUL.
God says YOU are SPECIAL.
God says YOU are UNIQUE.
God says YOU are HIS CHILD.
God says YOU are REDEEMED.
God says WE ARE LOVED <3

God said it, never forget it :]